The truth by Andreea

Plictisita pentru ca afara ploua m`am decis sa scriu. Am dat frau liber imaginatiei si asa a iesit cantecul pe care eu l`am intitulat The truth. Versurile se refera la Dumnezeu ca singurul Dumnezeu adevarat. Imi dati dreptate nu?;))

:-) The truth – lyrics

99 are falling in my head

Can’t stop thinkin’ of you

I breathe that means i live…

I’m here standing yes i’m searching

Finally I found  the answer!

Bridge: You are more and more and more…you are true!

Ref: You are the truth no one can deny you

People may say all these lies

But hey! they must decide

You are the truth X2

S.2: So yes now I think

How could I belive those lies

So people stop, shut up and belive

(Belive in Him)

I’m here standing , yes, I’m searching

Finally I found the answer!

Bridge: ……………………………

Ref. X2

How could I(How could I)

Belive those stupid lies!X3


Hope u like it! Puteti comenta aceste versuri lasand un simplu comment!

Andreea T.