Doctor’s office – part I

Therapy session with David.

“People say that a person like me could never find its place in society. They say that I should live in a controlled environment where I can be under watch 24/7. They say a mental hospital is a good choice but isolation is much better. I tend not to argue with them, I like it here in my own mind, in my own special cell. Others, on the other side seem to hate it and I can’t see what all the fuss is about. I mean what’s there not to like? I have all the subjects I need and all the time in the world. Just last week I took Gazz from his room because I had this idea Andrew gave me that wouldn’t let me sleep and he’s been missing ever since but they didn’t care he was gone.(David plays with his fingers). They brought in another screaming bastard to fill that room. I hate the screaming ones; I don’t understand why they do it. Is there something scaring them all the time or is it just because they like screaming? Andrew likes them though. He talked with him yesterday and it seems he stopped screaming. Andrew likes helping them, that’s why I’m friends with him”.

“Do you know what Andrew did to help Mark?”

“Is Mark the screaming one? (Childish laughter). From what he told me I think he sew his mouth shut but that’s a bit weird. They never let us have any thread or needles so I don’t think he did it. He must’ve lied to me”.

“Do you want to tell me about the idea Andrew gave you and Gazz?”

“Well you know how Gazz couldn’t speak right? (Doctor nods) Andrew said that I can heal him if I touch his vocal cords so I tried to reach through his mouth (David scratches hand violently) but my hand wouldn’t fit so I cut his throat. It worked perfectly but the blood wouldn’t stop pouring out even when my hand was inside his neck and he died before I could heal him. (He starts rocking and touching his neck) John was super mad at me after that but he helped me clean up.”

“What did Andrew say after you failed to heal Gazz?” (David smiles and stops rocking)

“He told me that as long as I did my best it’s ok and I did do my best so I’m happy about it”.

“Do you talk with Andrew often?”

“EVERYDAY! He comes by my cell every day at lunch and we eat together”.

“When did you first meet him?”

“Uhmmm… the first time I met him was after I saw that Mrs. Baddom was sick and he told me that I can heal her”.

“And did you (Pause)… heal her?”

“I did heal her heart when I took it out and washed it for her but the police came and took me away before I could heal her completely so that made me sad but Andrew promised that he will heal her soon.(David face becomes sad and regretful but changes immediately when he starts talking about John). That was the first time I met John as well. Just like last week with Gazz, he was mad at me but again he helped me out when the policemen and the judge were mean to me”.

“Thank you for being honest again David. I’ll see you tomorrow ok?”

“OK!” (David smiles as he leaves the room and a bald patch could be seen on the back of his head).

– story by Benny „Drunken” Sailor