naked and shameless

what’s left when you’re naked?

stripped of all your 10 layers of mascara and foundation. stripped of all the alcohol you’re drinking tonight with your friends out. no fake giggles. no fake smiles. no fake hugs. without your 10 inch heels. without the tight dress and long nails. stripped of your hair extensions. without your dreams of becoming a nurse. or a doctor. or a mathematician. or a known banker. or financial analyst. or painter. or photographer. or any job career you’ve ever dreamed of. what’s left when you give up your college degree? or your MA. how do you look when you delete your Instagram pictures of your latest outfit? or the ones with the latest party you attended. when you lay down the clothes of friendship and all you have is an empty room and your bare skin. everyone you ever loved – not here. what’s left when everyone closes their eyes and all they have is your voice? how do you look like when you strip down your favorite fragrance? stripped of your music. stripped of your pictures.

what’s left when all you have is you? what do you cling on? where do you go from here? when all you have in front of you is the pain of this humanity. your humanity. all your limitations. all your shattered pieces of your heart. every killing thought. every wound you forgot to stitch. every wrong doing. every saint and sinner who lives inside of you. when there’s no freedom in you. when the chains put you to the ground. when the stones are not thrown by other people, but by yourself.

tell me, how do you look like when you’re naked? who will ever love you when you turn the lights on, and you can see every dirty spot in your life?

when they’ll say society is your salvation, tell them it’s a lie.

„I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from?”


2016 A.T. 



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