The Aftermath Of Unrequited Love

Thought Catalog

I don’t know if I ever stopped loving you, but my love grew weary. Hearing your name once sent electricity through my fingertips, up my spine. The last time I thought of you, my chest was heavy and my bones were weak.

When I loved you, I had a zest for life like I’d never known before. At first you inspired me and that was enough. But then just for a moment, I believed you might feel the same and that’s when it all changed. It’s funny how anything can change, once you think you have a chance at success. The purity of passion is tainted as a purpose is introduced. All of a sudden the passion itself is no longer intrinsically rewarding.

At first, I was content with appreciating you at a distance. You made me happy whenever you were around and I was content. Then I decided I…

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