The great escape.


I wonder. I sit for hours and hours and hours and I keep wondering so many things. I wonder what do you think about me? What’s your opinion concerning me? It’s still the same as I remember? Or it changed like the weather outside? I would like to be the cold, tracing your body and shaking off your bones. That way I would know…

But in fact, I forgot how our mind is set to suppress our broken feelings and throw them in the sea of forgetfulness. And I put all my trust in her and her skills. Maybe one day I will pass you by on the street and not even recognize you. ‘Cause today, you’re just a stranger, a ghost, a ripped part of my rope, a fallen branch from my tree.  To be honest, stranger means to me that I’ve met you one day, in another life, in another century. Tomorrow you’ll be just another person from this town, from these places around.

But today, you’re just another stranger to me. 


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