dar, imi e dor de tine…

I love you. I love you more than words can say, than my heart can ever hope… You filled my soul with peace and hope, and now my heart is missing you so much. Yes, I miss you. I miss to the way you whisper in my ear, and how you like to watch me while I sleep. I miss the touch of your hand through my hair and I miss to teach me how to love you more. Every single day I think of you and you are in every thought that goes through my mind. Look what you’ve done to me… You embraced my being and transformed it, made it new. I am a new person because of YOU.


12 gânduri despre &8222;dar, imi e dor de tine…&8221;

  1. coacaza de munte,cum poti spune ca noi coacazele crestem la munte?Este o jignire la adersa coacazelor! [-x

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