Trying and acting!

I tried to forget but you didn’t leave my mind!

I tried to smile but sadness reached me!

I tried to leave all behind but thing retured all the time!

I tried to stop the tears but they seem to be blood!

I tried to belive thiat is just a dream but it’s reality!

I tried to make iy secret but evryone already knows!

I tried to lose my mind but He didn’t let me!

I tried to leae vut they called me back!

I tried to make decisions but they weren’t all right!

I tried to be who I shouldn’t be and know I feel the consequeces!

I tried to be perfect but it’s impossible!

I tried over the years but now I have to act!

Now I forget ,I leave all behind and I stop my tears. I know to belive in drems and I’ll never make it secret. I don’t wanna lose my mind and I will never leave what’s right! And even if I’ll never be perfect I smile all the time!!!

by Dea :)


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