Letter to heart


I am sure you know who I am. I hope you are fine and I’m not causing you a lot of problems. You are very young as I am and sometime you must learn a lot of new things as I do. But sometime you must learn to teach me all of the things you’ve learned. You must teach me how to fight against sadness and broken heart. You know why. You know everything my mind thinks and every word that I spoke since my mother gave me birth. You know everything my soul feels and every touch that make my knees melt. Every word that I wrote and every tear that fell on my cheek. Every part of me! You’re the piece of me that shares love and bears every stupid feeling. You know I fell for a boy and how sad was this story but you taught me how to be happy even if you cry in me. You know that sometimes I call you for help but you whisper to me : ”Go and ask you Daddy!” Thank you for everything you did for me and because you taught me how to be kind and how to smile all the time. I love u more than words can say! Thank you for everything!


Deea Teban


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