A piece of another world!

Such a dark night. The black sky is back. The clouds are so heavy and grey. It seems a storm is coming. Than the wind will blow with power and will take us away, far away from here.

It will take us through the sky, beyond the stars, in a dream world. In a world full of love. In a world where all the dreams happen. There everyone will write your name. The pen will write with shades and everywhere you will look you can see the shadow of our love. But now take me back home. Take me where all started. In a little city in this world and the first time I saw you. Eyes on me , eyes on you. The make us feel afraid. You were like 2 pieces of a rose: the bud and the thorn. Smiling brightly, always happy. Saying u will show me all your love. All of it. Until your heart will stop…until the last beat of your heart will stop.

Now play back the story : Such a dark night. The black sky is back……..



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