Just another words that hang on my tongue.I have to do something…they want to go out! They’re not simple words. They are brought from my heart. They are so special. Why ..? Because they are the words that are describing u! They are telling me how beautiful u are! You are more than I could ever imagine…these words are telling me the truth. Whispers over whispers, I discover u so much! Your mouth starts shouting, and let’s me know how you are. At the outside you look fearless & so strong but they let me know how afraid you are sometime, how much love do u need, how you let all your thoughts flow. You let them fall over my heart! And my heart is beating faster, faster until it will stop! Day after day, nights after nights they are lettin’ me know! Until in my eyes u will glow… A smile and the words stop. The sounds from my heart are over. U’rs too! We look in each others eyes and bring the peace outside. Look up! The words build a ledder. It’s hanged on the stars. They want us to come up…in the sky! Now we’re flying throught the words! :-) How beautiful they are! ♥


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